The Empire Grange No. 148 offers our historic building for event space venue rental in Fort Collins, Colorado. Community and private groups and individuals are welcome rent the hall on a regular/weekly basis or for one-time events. The building features a wooden dance floor upstairs and a limited kitchen downstairs. The hall measures 28′ x 48′ (25′ x 48′ usable) for 1,200 square feet of dancing, yoga, tai chi, healing and holistic arts, meetings, dinners, performances, arts & craft shows, and so many more uses! There is a fully-featured sound system for your group use and free Wi-Fi.

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Photos from Inside of the Grange Hall:

  • Looking south inside the Empire Grange Hall
    Looking south inside the Empire Grange Hall
  • Looking north inside the Empire Grange Hall
    Looking north inside the Empire Grange Hall
  • AV-Stereo system at the Empire Grange Hall
    AV-Stereo system at the Empire Grange Hall
  • Empire Grange Hall basement
    Empire Grange Hall basement

Rental Rates:

Type of UseWeekdayWeekend
New Regular Renter (weekly)$15/hr$25/hr
One-Time Event (party)$30/hr$30/hr
Current Regular Renter (weekly)$12/hr$20/hr

Quick Stats:

  • Main Hall: 28′ x 48′ = 1,344 square feet (25′ x 48′ usable = 1,200 sqft)
    • Hardwood floor
    • 3 main pendant lights
    • Ceiling can lights
    • Wall sconce lights
  • Furniture:
    • Stackable chairs upstairs can be moved to suit. Additional stackable and folding chairs available in the basement.
      • 35 stackable chairs (total)
      • 41 folding chairs
    • Folding tables to use upstairs are available in basement:
      • 6 folding tables, 30″ x 96′ (8′)
      • 1 medium desk/table, 26″ x 42″
      • 4 small accent tables, 20″ x 20″ -ish (varying sizes)
  • Building Capacity: 50. Actual Fire Marshal occupancy rating is 89, using the 15 sqft/person figure (that’s a square of only 3.9 feet for each person!)
  • Parking lot: The gravel lot in rear of building holds 30 cars, or a few more with good parking technique. Capacity may be reduced if Mulberry Community Gardens next door is also using the lot. Street parking available nearby.
  • Kitchen: The “kitchen” in the basement is only suitable for reheating foods and cleanup. There is a refrigerator, microwave, and two-basin sink. There is a small island where food can be offered “potluck-style.” However, the basement has only one exit, so for safety reasons, it is not suitable for many people to be in the basement at one time.
  • Restrooms: Two locking-door restrooms are located in the basement.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sound System
    • Stereo wall-mounted studio speaker pair plus subwoofer (volume restrictions apply for neighborhood noise ordinance)
    • User Analog Inputs: 3.5 mm mini-jack (headphone standard), RCA stereo plug and jack options for connecting your own cable adapter.
    • User Digital Inputs: Bluetooth audio (phone, tablet, music player), USB Sound Blaster external sound card (plug into a computer USB 2.0 port for best digital connection to amplifier)
    • AM/FM, CD player, Cassette tape deck, DVD & VHS combo unit with connection to 32″ LCD TV.

Rental Availability Scheduling:

Our rental bookings are shown below using Skedda space scheduling. The time ranges shown are existing bookings when the hall is not available. The direct link is: Pro Tip: Click on a day number to expand the full hourly view for that DAY. Note: You must contact us to make a booking. You cannot self-book in our Skedda.