Many groups use the Empire Grange Hall as a space to hone their performance skills and routines. While these events are not open to the public, you can read about the groups and find out when and where they might be performing.

Storm Mountain Folk Dancers

Storm Mountain Folk Dancers was formed in the summer of 1975 by a group of recreational folk dancers who wished to share their love of traditional ethnic dance with others. Since then, Storm Mountain has been performing and teaching international folk dance throughout Colorado and the western United States. The emphasis of the group has always been on authentic recreation of regional dance styles, costumes and music. Storm Mountain’s performances are characterized by great energy, colorful costumes and lively music. Carefully crafted choreographies and talented, well-trained performers display the wide variety of dance styles to be found in the regions presented.

New material is added to Storm Mountain’s repertoire regularly; the group is fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the top folk dance teachers and choreographers in the United States. Storm Mountain Folk Dancers’ repertoire includes suites of dances from eastern Europe, Turkey, western Europe and the United States.

In addition to performing, we love to teach folk dance to all ages and sizes of groups. Storm Mountain includes several experienced and knowledgeable folk dance teachers.

Event:Performing Group Rehearsal
Type:International Folk Dancing
When:Thursdays @ 8:00-10:00PM
Who:Members. Inquire about joining.
Storm Mountain Folk Dancers
Storm Mountain Folk Dancers

Cherie Trine, Esq.
Managing Director

Sallie Varner
Artistic Director, Emeritus

Storm Mountain Folk Dancers promo

Gemini Antics

The dynamic duo of Hannah and Katie have crafted an avant-garde fusion of belly dance improvisation and radical hijinks to delight audiences of all character.

Event:Performing Group
Type:Avant-Garde Belly Dance
When:By command performance only!
animated Belly Dancer

Hannah & Katie
Elite Performers

animated Belly Dancer
Gemini Antics